1. The American Myth
    J. Cole; Tzarizm

  2. Between the World and Me
    Ta-Nehisi Coates; Sounwave; Tom Misch

  3. Many Miles
    Mary Oliver; J Dilla

  4. When Death Comes
    Mary Oliver; Phildel

  5. Daffodils
    Jan Frazier; Craig Kallman

  6. The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro
    Frederick Douglass; Morgan Freeman; J. Ivy & Blitz the Ambassador

  7. Let America Be America Again
    Langston Hughes; Takeez Meals; Lil Fame (aka Fizzy Womack)

  8. Still Here
    Langston Hughes; Summer Hill Seven; Dean Grey; Live Squad, Lo Ground, Top General Sounds

  9. Dissent
    Edward R. Murrow; David Strathairn; Q-Tip

  10. Palling Around
    Gregory Pardlo; Michael Jackson & Bruce Swedien; Larry Grossman & Buz Kohan

  11. Aba Apathie (Down With Apathy)
    Edwidge Danticat; Coldplay

  12. Signs of Change
    Dale Hansen; Sam Cooke; Hugo & Luigi; Andrew Pointer

  13. 1893
    Jamaica Osorio; Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

  14. Where Is God?
    Mark Nepo; Rebelution (ft. John Popper)

  15. Wanderlust
    Ijeoma Oluo; KlaaneGemaane

  16. If I Had A Prayer
    Byron Katie; Rikio Ito

  17. Standardized Heartache
    Ana Kasparian; Apollo Brown

  18. Always Present
    Tiger "Tigmonk" Singleton; Harry Fraud

  19. Sacred Activism
    Andrew Harvey; Organized Noize

  20. Trying to Be an Emcee
    Da Beatminerz

  21. Bluebird
    Charles Bukowski; The Pixies

  22. Fitting the Description
    Claudia Rankine; stic.man (of dead prez); Zulema

  23. My Brothers
    Claudia Rankine; Farhot

  24. The So What
    Cheryl Abram; Easy Mo Bee

  25. What Teachers Make
    Taylor Mali; Concept

  26. Exquisite
    Jan Frazier; Needlz

  27. No Man's World
    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; James Brown

  28. Invierno
    Junot Díaz; RZA

  29. Everything I AM
    Esmé Raji Codell; Phylicia Rashad; Kanye West

  30. This Is Us
    Anthony Anaxagorou; Usme

  31. It's Such A Good Feeling
    Fred Rogers; Johnny Costa

  32. Location
    Shining World; Basquiat

  33. Peaceful Me rough draft
    Salaam Remi; JD

  34. Beloved
    William Shakespeare; Harriet Walter; Ben Howard

  35. Recognition
    Mooji; Tony Anderson

  36. Represent
    Junot Díaz; DJ Premier

  37. Waves
    John F. Kennedy; Freddie Joachim

  38. Harriet Tubman
    Eloise Greenfield; Corey Champagne; Kelvin Wooten & Daniel Beard

  39. Immigrant Experience
    Junot Díaz; SouthPaw

  40. My Story
    F. Murray Abraham; Alexandre Desplat

  41. Sincerity
    Tiger "Tigmonk" Singleton; Nottz, Kanye West, The Twilite Tone; Paris Nation

  42. The Great Awakening
    Peter Russell; ?uestlove, J Dilla, James Poyser, Pino Palladino

  43. Never Change
    Bart Marshall; Kanye West

  44. The Velveteen Rabbit
    Margery Williams (read by Xe Sands); Hans Zimmer & Trevor Horn ft. Pat Metheny

  45. Pay Attention
    Mooji; Apollo Brown

  46. The Grass
    Walt Whitman; Orson Welles; Showbiz

  47. The Table
    James Swartz; The Infinite Arkatechz

  48. Yes. Me.
    Tim 'Mac' Macartney; Mos Def & David Kennedy

  49. A Ritual to Read to Each Other
    William Stafford (read by Dale Biron); IAMNOBODI

  50. Brown Bag Diplomacy
    Robert Wisdom; DJ Brace

  51. Son
    Jeff Foster (author); Jimmy Dabrowski (reader); Buckwild (beat) & Busta Rhymes (hook)

  52. Altar
    Jeff Foster (author); Jimmy Dabrowski (reader); Yann Tiersen

  53. When It All Falls Down

  54. Absolutely Relative

  55. Anyway
    Kent M. Keith; Lilly Hertz-Maahs; ?uestlove

  56. Bubble Gum Music
    Professor Griff; DJ Center

  57. Going In Heart FirsT 3

  58. For Keisha
    JD; Sian Sanderson; Raphael Saadiq

  59. Going In Heart FirsT 2

  60. Shaya
    Wayne Dyer; Paysach Krohn; Florian Obermeier; Ryan Tedder

  61. Going In Heart FirsT


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